10 ways to build a strong inner foundation

None of us are spared of troubles — and there are no exceptions to this rule! But how we cope with uncertainties and evolve in our journeys makes us who we are.

So, when tough times glare at us or catch us off guard, it’s our inner foundation that helps us navigate through and possibly, emerge victorious.

If you’re wondering how you can create that bulletproof inner self, stick with me till the end.
We’ll discuss ten proven ways that you can employ to structure your inner core and become more resilient in the face of adversities:

1. Have a positive mental attitude

The first step to building a strong inner foundation is to have an optimistic state of mind. Difficulties and challenges in life are a given — you don’t have enough room to bargain or categorically ignore them. But having a positive mental makeup can be immensely beneficial in dealing with sudden or unexpected hiccups. So, drop the overthinking, tame your negative instincts and look at the bright side of each situation that confronts you.

2. Inculcate firm beliefs that guide your actions

The root cause of most of our miseries is the lack of grounding principles and ethics that nudge us to choose the right path. Things will eventually fall in place when you set the right intention or motive, if not immediately. Of course, your sense of individuality dictates you to think for yourself, but it is also fundamental that you do not harbor evil intentions to cause harm to others. If fear and anger influence your conduct instead of love and compassion, you should rather consider restructuring your beliefs to one that attracts more peace and joy around you.

3. Follow a routine

Abrupt changes can cause a massive shake-up that you never saw coming. But following a routine and organizing your life can help you set your priorities straight and provide a solid plan for fighting emergencies. What you do each day becomes part of your character. So, discard the habit of procrastination and make the best use of your time. Of course, occasional mishaps or unfortunate events could topple your best-laid plans, but an organized mind is better equipped to handle them.

4. Build a strong network of friends

It’s a small world — we are all connected. Humans are social beings who cannot live a life of solitude. So, find your confidantes — those who understand you and are dependable during your darkest hours. They can help you build a strong inner foundation. Well-meaning friends and family are a blessing, and you’d be lucky to have them!

Studies show that isolation and loss of support from loved ones can trigger mental issues like stress, anxiety, or an emotional breakdown.

5. Be flexible with your expectations

When we hold stubbornly to our beliefs, as if there is no room for making shifts or adjustments, it could mold you into a selfish personality. A healthy ego can drive you to progress and achieve heights, while a bad one can make you proud (which spills over your relationships, at work and home). So, have flexible expectations in place. This will set the pace for developing a resilient mind that can cope with adversities with tact and diplomacy. It’s a crucial life skill to learn, undoubtedly!

6. Adapt and move on

We’ve always adapted ourselves to changes around us, which is a major part of our evolutionary process. It supports our existence on this planet. Unless you buckle up and flow with life, you’ll attract unwanted stresses that’ll threaten to break you down. Sounds cliché, but it’s true! Be open to possibilities and even that sudden stroke of bad luck. Accept and blend into circumstances (no matter how frustrating). It’ll make you internally powerful and you’ll evolve into a better human, guaranteed!

7. Meditate

Research shows that meditation can help you develop inner calm and poise even amid a busy schedule. The whole idea of meditating is to center your thoughts and cut off from the distracting ones, those that remind you of life predicaments. Sit in a comfortable position, preferably in a secluded space dedicated for meditation practices. Close your eyes and perform deep breathwork, at least for ten minutes every day. You’ll notice remarkable changes in your productivity and overall wellbeing.

8. Accept your feelings

We often neglect our emotions and even silence them. As humans, we feel our emotions every day — the good and the bad. Unless you accept both, you’ll find yourself trapped and confined in a rabbit hole. Why? That’s because our feelings play a huge role in molding our conduct, and if we suppress them, the possibility of facing emotional turmoil looms large. Your emotions (temporary or permanent) drive you — so make an effort to understand what they say and rewire your thoughts and actions accordingly.

9. Indulge in constructive activities

Problem-solving and critical thinking are essential life skills that you should be exposed to early on in life. You could indulge in a hobby like dancing, painting, sewing, rock climbing, play a sport, or sing — whatever floats your boat! Forever dwelling on your weaknesses and devaluing your strengths will cripple you for life. Find ways to vent your frustrations to deflate the angry energy within, you’ll discover little pockets of joy each day.

10. Have a good night’s sleep

We often depreciate the importance of restful sleep. But many studies have shown that it is critical for our physical health and our mental health. Sleep deprivation can cause chronic depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or bipolar disorder. As sleep impacts our memory, it plays a significant role in triggering our creative processes, which in turn help us cope with complex tasks and adversities. It’ll help you wake up refreshed and recharged, ready to take on the world with great vigor!

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