3 tips to get your social life back on track

If you are an introvert, you would understand how big of a task it is to maintain your social connections.

There are days when we just don’t want to entertain any calls, even if it’s from the person whom we admire the most, and just stay cooped up in our homes.

We are good at making plans and are all excited for it until the day comes when we finally have to move out from our dens.

The result? More often than not, we will cancel them even at the cost of giving lame excuses.

This often makes it difficult to maintain relationships, and our social life can go for a toss. Though it is difficult to get it back on track, it’s, for sure, not impossible.

Here are a few tips that may help.


1. Avoid cancelling plans and look at the broader perspective

Cancelling plans at the last moment, and that, too, again and again can cost you your relationships. It is, often, difficult for extroverts to understand your situation, and they might mistake it for being avoided. Hence, if you are making plans do not cancel it. Look at the brighter perspective of how meeting people will actually help you stay sound, and will also give you a small break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Once you start going out, not only will your social life become alive, but you, too, will start enjoying it.


2. Take initiatives

Whether it’s about making the first call, or sending the first message, or even asking someone to go out, learn to take initiatives. If it’s always the second person who is doing it, there will be a time when they will feel not-needed, and will eventually stop putting in effort. Show people you, too, care about them, and your friendships and relationships. Be the one taking the charge. It will be difficult at the beginning, but will surely help.


3. Be confident

Most of the time, introverts feel that their presence is not required or appreciated, and hence they break connections. Be confident about yourself, and the person you are with. You don’t need anybody’s validation. If you enjoy someone company, make time for them. Don’t be a pessimist. Once you start putting in confidence in yourself, you will be better at making connections, and will be able to amp up your social life

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