4 red flags that tell you your spouse is slowly eroding your self-esteem

Have you noticed a change in the way you see yourself from the time you enter into your relationship?


your partner make you feel dumb, and not in a cute way but in a very questionable way?

Does your partner make all the decisions by himself, every damn time. Because he thinks asking you is just not worth it?

We understand those pathetic feelings when you are forced to question your own worth or opinions because of your better half.

If your spouse is taking a toll on your mental health and wearing away your self-esteem, then it is the perfect time to find a way out.

Obviously, everything seems perfect on the surface; it can be wonderful but it is still difficult if you are not feeling proper satisfaction and contentment.

But how will you know that they are hurting your self-esteem? Well, there are no specific rulebooks for it but here are some red flags or signs that will provide you with clarity on the subject.

1. Always make decisions without considering you

Though you are not someone who put the initiative in making decisions, sometimes and some matters need both of you to take an active part in finding a perfect conclusion. If you have been noticing that your partner chooses, decides or makes their decision without even letting you know or without even asking you then they simply think that it is not worth it to ask you, because you clearly don’t have enough or relevant information about the subject or they have decided that your opinion is not essential.


2. You make an apology all the time

If you did something mean or hurtful then it is fine to say sorry but if you see that your spouse is getting upset on even the tiniest of things on a regular basis, for a long period of time then they might be giving you a message that you are dumb. Moreover, if you are not seeing that mistake as an issue and then also you are making an apology all the time for everything then your spouse does not trust you at all. He should not make you feel like you are doing something off-beam all the time.

3. You fear spending time with your partner

People in a relationship, in love or in a happy marriage always look forward to spending time or making moments with their partner. But if you feel like you cannot spend just another minute in the same room as they are or being with them takes a lot of effort or that you have to gain a lot of strength just to deal with their attitude or you can’t speak openly in front of them then that’s a sign that the relationship is giving a hard hit to your self-esteem.


4. You are not being nice to yourself

We all go through rough patches or hard times where we judge ourselves and sometimes we do not even have that much self-confidence. But if it’s getting consistent and that’s a reflection that is coming out from your spouse’s actions towards you then it is a clear-cut sign that they are smashing your self-esteem. Pay heed to how exactly you are speaking with yourself. Do you feel good about yourself? Do you feel confident when you are with your partner? If not, then it’s high time you find out a way to deal with this.


These are some of the red flags that can make you sure that your partner is shackling your self-esteem. The signs can vary from person to person. Trust your feelings and listen to your mind as they can never go wrong.

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