4 ways dancing can fight depression

Whether you love to dance to fun beats at the club or pursue it as a profession, there is one thing you all will all agree to – anybody who dances looks happy and at ease.

Dancing, as an exercise promotes physical wellness and comes with a host of benefits for your mental wellness.

It releases an increased supply of oxygen to the brain and stress-reducing neurochemicals which keep you afloat.

That is why a lot of people now prefer to indulge in a little dance therapy to drive away the blues.

Here are some ways dance can help you beat depression:

1. Excellent brain-boosting exercise

Exercising is a naturally helpful way to beat the blues and lower depression levels by promoting the production of endorphins in the brain, which in turn reduces stress levels in the body. Dancing, as an aerobic exercise is not just a great way to burn calories but it also acts as a great stressbuster, especially when motivating yourself to workout or get moving seems difficult.

2. Contains soothing music

The musical tones and scores used in dance classes are very rhythmic and soothing in nature. Rhythm, as a basic, is one of the ways the brain learns to focus and strengthen nerve connections. Rhythm, the most basic of musical elements, gives our brain something to focus on, and certain tempos can even induce trance states. In a symmetric way, dance and music combine to give the brain relief from stress and feelings of anxiety.

3. Acts as an alternative medicine

One of the biggest hindrances of mental illness is that medicinal doses can sometimes be too harsh or require prolonged usage to see results. It also comes with several side-effects, which might not suit everyone’s need. That is why a lot of people depend on alternative therapies to treat their pain. Dancing, as a form of exercise, can be quite therapeutic, make you discover your zone, drive away negativity and fill you with a lot of positive energy. Plus, dance classes force you to socialize with people, which can take your mind off bad thoughts.

4. Promotes fluidity and balance

Just like yoga, dance is also like a form of meditation with synchronized beats and movement. For people suffering from depression and anxiety, this little change can make a big difference as learn to be more focussed to follow the tunes, feel less distracted. As experts say, dance forces you to shut yourself out and exist in the “zone”. This, in turn, can elevate your happy

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