Are you suffering from neck pain? Here’s how you can get rid of it

Hunching over your laptop or mobile phones for hours and then getting up complaining about neck pain is a part and parcel of work from home. The extended working hours have made us forget the work from home etiquette and just be in a hurry to complete the work and have the privilege to turn off the laptops for the day.

However, this hurry, often, costs us a lot. People end up suffering from back and neck pain which is sometimes bad enough to grant you complete bad rest.

However, is hunching or maintaining a bad posture the only reason for neck pain? The answer is no. There can be several causes. An injury, disease, and it may also be a sign of heart attack.

But this doesn’t mean you mistake every neck pain for a heart attack. If the pain is radiating from your back to the neck and jaw and the pinpoint is hard to locate, that is when you may seriously want to seek help at the earliest. While in the rest of the cases, you might consider maintaining a good posture.

Carrying heavy bags on the shoulders and bad sleeping postures can also lead to neck pain. So, the next time you wake up with an aching neck, you know who to blame.

Also, if you are using pillows that are too firm that may also put a strain on your neck. In such a case, opt for soft pillows or choose from the orthopaedic ones, they are best for people struggling with neck pain. You may also consider going for an orthopaedic mattress, this will support your back and will eliminate back pain if it’s because of spine issues.

Also, when you are staying at a friend’s house for the night outs prefer sleeping on the ground on a mat instead of a sofa. The restricted space will further stress your neck and you may even wake up with an aching neck.

How to take care of your neck?

The first and foremost thing is to avoid looking down continuously. Most of us have a habit of holding our mobile phones way below our eye range and then end up looking down for hours. Instead, hold your phone right in front of your face and then use it. If it’s about working on laptops, you should be maintaining a straight posture. Don’t slouch or lay down. Sit up straight, keep your laptop in your eye range and the work.

Don’t forget to take breaks every hour or two. Walk for about 5 minutes. This will help relax your muscles and improve blood circulation, thereby eliminating any chances of an injury.

Indulge in neck exercises as advised by your doctor. Rotating your head clockwise and anticlockwise for 2 minutes will help keep the pain at bay.

Lastly, there are some pains that can last for years, so if you have had consistent neck pain for some time, it is imperative that you get professional help in order to prevent it from turning into something severe and harmful.

Types of neck pain

In order to identify the type of pain you are suffering from; one must look for swelling around the neck. If you see a hump at the back of the neck it may signal cervical spondylosis. However, instead of self-diagnosing, one should seek expert advice.

If you have radiating pain from your neck to the shoulders accompanied by tingling, pain, or weakness in the arm, it may suggest a pinched nerve in the neck.

If you have neck pain and dizziness, it may suggest vertigo.


Your doctor may put you on painkillers and other medications to bring down swelling. Apart from that, you may take help from a heating pad. This will help relieve the pain.

If the pain is due to poor posture, you may need physiotherapy. However, in any case, exercising and maintaining good posture remains the key.

How lifestyle changes can help

While you may not realise, lifestyle changes are a super-easy way to get rid of several diseases and uncalled for pains. Such is the case with neck pain.

Increasing physical activity, including healthy foods and green vegetables in your diet and keeping your body hydrated, may work wonders.

So, if work from home is making you work till late at night and then skip breakfasts and take help from brunches, you should seriously reconsider your life choices. Waking up early and going for a walk will help keep your muscles healthy and strong. The fresh air, unless you are living in polluted cities, will not only detoxify you but will also help keep you fresh and healthy.

By including fresh fruits and green vegetables in the diet, you are allowing all the essential nutrients and minerals to reach your body. These will help improve your bone and nerve health, keep your muscles strong and prevent injury.

Keeping hydrated and giving up on habits like smoking and alcohol drinking will also keep your immunity in check and prevent the body from falling prey to infections and injuries.

Supplements can help

If all this is not helping, you may consult your doctor for supplements for bone and nerve health. These will help you in the long run.

Lastly, if you are suffering from cervical spondylosis, you must remember that if not taken proper care of, the condition can get worse. Avoid lifting heavy weights or looking down for long as it will aggravate your neck pain. Avoid working for long hours on a computer and take bed rest if and when possible.

These will come in handy

If you frequently suffer from neck pain while working, always rest your neck at your chair in between work.

Do neck exercises every once in a while.

In case of a stiff neck, use a heating pad.

Get light massages, this will help stimulate the blood and reduce swelling if any.

Don’t stress your neck.

Take frequent breaks.

Wear a cervical collar if needed.

Take doctor prescribed pain killers.

If neck pain is followed by dizziness, don’t drive.

Don’t bend too much.

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