Why peeing in the shower is bad for you, according to a doctor

Peeing in places that aren’t a restroom or urinal is a more common practice than one would ever suppose and among the places people love to do “ number bone ” is the shower. still, peeing in the shower isn’t as inoffensive as you may suppose. And some TikTok- smart croakers have created a number […]

10 pregnancy tips to avoid miscarriage

Deliveries are really delicate. It’s the robotic loss of gestation before the 20th week. It generally occurs in about 11- 16 percent of gravidity, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. The number might be advanced as numerous experience deliveries without realizing that they were pregnant. But you can follow many tips to […]

How to stop itchiness post shaving

If it’s the classic clean-shaven look is what you dig, you’ve probably come across or, worse, experienced the accompanying after effects at least a few times – the post-shave irritation. Nasty? Totally. Inconvenient? Duh. Unavoidable? Not really! Let’s scratch this itch the right way, once and for all with some tips. First things first. What […]

Why you should consider Canada as an alternative study destination

Beaver Immigration says there’s been an increase in inquiries for study in Canada from South African parents as the state of tertiary education in South Africa remains clouded. Nicholas Avramis, Managing Director of Beaver Immigration, said the issues surrounding varsities’ ability to accommodate the placement of students in the Eastern Cape has spooked many parents. He said […]

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