Connie Ferguson appreciates South Africans

Connie Ferguson appreciates South Africans

Connie Ferguson pens down a feeling note to her family, South Africans and also the world at massive for the love and luxury expressed to her throughout this making an attempt time.

In the note, the actor appreciated the complete that handled decoration additionally and each one United Nations agency contributed to the success of the ceremonial occasion service.

“I very haven’t any words however to mention thanks. thanks Republic of South Africa, the continent and also the world at massive for the outpouring of affection, words of comfort and prayers. My family and that i appreciate you. God bless you all. @broodiefuneral and @nono_events , thanks for giving my husband a send off merit a KING! There’s ne’er been something normal regarding this man of God, and to the last moment, he had to place on a SHO!” she aforementioned.

“To my friends and colleagues, your support has been immeasurable! thanks and God bless and multiply you,” she other.

Speaking to her kids, Connie said:

“My daughters @sediimatsunyane & @ali.ferguson_ , my sister @astoshiah and my grandchild artificial language, we’ve command every other’s hands thus tight throughout this making an attempt time. dada lives on in our hearts and also the several nice reminiscences we’ve shared over the past twenty years. He’ll perpetually be with United States of America. God can offer United States of America the strength to soldier on and heal our broken hearts. To my brothers and sisters on either side, God remains God. He can see United States of America through.”

Speaking to her late husband, she said: “To my ANGEL SHO, thanks for the simplest twenty years of my life! i really like you and grasp that you simply area unit with United States of America in spirit. sooner or later we’ll be reunited, and every one the angels in heaven can rejoice.”

It was additionally proclaimed that memorial service are going to be command for the late actor and producer on Fri.

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