Flex Rabanyan on who sabotaged his career

Flex Rabanyan has taken to his social media to reveal who sabotaged his career.

Taking to Twitter, the star admits that he made a few mistakes on his journey but alleges that companies African Star Communications and certain Mnet staff played a bigger part in his downfall.

The rapper gained limelight in South Ah for winning season 2 of Vuzu Hustle sharing he has not been able to enjoy his win of the show, as it has been filled with controversy.

Flex explained that the narrative that people blame him for blowing his career cuts him deep, especially since there are more details to the story.

“I still wanna tell the story of how Vuzu Hustle worked hand-in glove with African Star Communications and MNet staff to sabotage my career after winning “The Hustle.” I’ve never gone into detail, but it cuts deep because people still blame me for ‘blowing it’” he shared.

“For the longest I had to pretend I was okay with my career and passion being taken away, I won’t lie though that thing crushed me from deep inside my soul. I’ve been such a miserable person since Vuzu Hustle did me dirty,” he tweeted.

Flex also revealed that when he won the show, he was given a management deal, he was told to update his booking details.

“After I won Vuzu HustIe I was given a “management” deal. I was told to update my bookings email on all social media.There was a lady at African Star Communications (Justine) who was instructed to ignore all BOOKINGS (effectively blocking me from income). I found out..” Flex revealed.

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