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Nigeria remains a unipolar democratic darling as East African countries attract billion dollars economic deals…

Nigeria remains a unipolar democratic darling as East African countries attract billion dollars economic deals…

Nigeria remains a unipolar popular darling as Iran concludes billion bones deals in African stint

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Under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu administration, Nigeria remains a popular darling and poppet to unipolar system of governance, while African countries attracted billions of bones investment from Iranian chairman’s stint on the mainland.

Legal challenges from the opposition parties in Nigeria’s February 2023 general choices that was marred with difficulties girding the independent choices commission collations and conduct of the pates is hanging to the collapse of the Tinubu administration

Meanwhile, presently Nigeria’s administration is runned by two Muslim campaigners, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a former state Governor in Lagos state from the south west Nigeria and Shettima a Muslim from north west and a former governor of Borno state.

Speaking New York grounded critic, Nigeria’s President administration should find a chance to the parsian conglomerate and attract investment to its Muslim communities that would help reduce poverty and inequality in the northern region of the country.

Naija247news reports the value of bilateral trade between Iran and Nigeria has witnessed a 300 growth within the last 9 months of the once Persian timetable timeended on March 20), Iranian Trade Minister blazoned.

“ The value of trade between Iran and Nigeria reached about 125 million bones witnessing a 300 growth in the last 9 months of the time 1400. ”

Iran invests in Zimbabwe

Meanwhile Zimbabwe and Iran inked 12 MOUs include plans to produce a tractor manufacturing factory in Zimbabwe with an Iranian company and a original mate. The two countries also inked co-operation agreements for energyhusbandrymedicinals, and telecommunications as well as explorationwisdom and technology systems.

Making reference toU.S warrants assessed on Iran and Zimbabwe, Raisi said his country would work hard to forge near profitable ties.
Iran’s trade with Africa will increase to further than$ 2 billion this time, its foreign ministry said on Saturday, without furnishing a relative figure for 2022.

Iran and Kenya
While in Kenya, the two countries inked five memoranda of understanding that concentrate on cooperation in informationcommunication, and technology, fisheries, beast healthbeast products, and investment creation.

Iran and Kenya also inked five memoranda of understanding that concentrate on “ cooperation in informationcommunication, and technology, fisheries, beast healthbeast products, and investment creation, ” Ruto told the press.

While in Uganda, The high– ranking officers of Iran and Uganda inked four cooperation documents in the presence of the chairpersons of the two countries.

The documents inked between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Uganda included visa disclaimeragrarian cooperationestablishment of common endless commission.

The signing form was held in the presence of the Iranian chairman Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi and his Ugandan counterpart Yoweri Museveni.

Raisi’s African visit, the first by an Iranian leader since 2013, follows a visit in June to three Latin American countries also ladened withU.S. warrants.

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