Ntombee reflects on late daughter’s death

Ntombee has taken to her social media to open up on her struggles since she lost her daughter, Linile few weeks ago.

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The star lost her three-year-old daughter to a car crash last month and it is a day she will always remember.

Ntombee’s fans have dubbed her one of the strongest women they know because of the grace with which she has handled herself as a “Mommy to angels”, having lost not one but two children.

Ntombee buried her son Dumanis as a newborn in 2015, after the child was diagnosed with a rare heart condition called hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

The media personality revealed that her daughter was the light of their lives and she or grateful for all the memories they have shared together.

“I’ll forever be grateful to God for blessing us with your beautiful soul, even though it was for a little while,” she captioned a video of Linile on her Instagram Stories.

Ntombee explained at the funeral that she was sane only because of divine intervention and supernatural strength from God.

I choose not to focus on the pain but I will continue to focus on the Lord and his grace which has been more than sufficient for me and my household,” she said.



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