Queried Bruised But feel Blessed

Queried Bruised But feel Blessed

In ancient times and even in the present, many perceived and misinterprete query as a sign of hatred, many parents believed giving chances to fall and rise by oneself is the best way to train a child and not to query or Discipline them, but the ever increase number of the undisciplined an wayward individuals speaks better of the result of such actions.

Laxity and nonchalancy the order of the day. You get to find a young man with strength and wisdom not willing to go beyond the average or push further rather are just satisfy with the comment of “you have tried”. And even their response sometimes circles dwells on “at least I did tried”.

Parenting is a skill and also a gift that can only be passed on to the next. ( although many can learn it from studying and viewing other parents in books, movies and in reality) It’s learned, it flows through persons that’s why if one has a bad childhood growth experience due to poor parenting skills of his parent, it takes appt of determination and effort to not be a bad one as well. But one with a good parent can always be a good parent as well even without much struggles. Thus justifying the phrase “like father like son or like mother like daughter”.

Drifted a bit but all was just to let us know that the role of parents in discipling their children cannot be ignore and it importance cannot be over emphasized.

Many people who are disciplined today and have done tremedious and remarkable things for their world, Nations and families will always tell you that their appreciate discipline and will forever be indebted to the disciplinarian who could be their parent or anyone at all or so many persons in different phases of their lives. Such like Ben Carson, TD Jake’s, John Maxwell, and so many others that one can make Trace to their stories.

These person’s will tell you how they are where they are or are what they are today just because they were queried at some point or bruised at some other point and then feel motivated and energized to do more just to get better or achieve a set goal and today they are blessedly happy. Because like it’s said without fire a gold can never be refined for greater value.

Yes get queried, get bruised but remember it’s a blessing in disguise because many without challenges and discipline can never get to the top or above the average.

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