See Her big mouth

See Her big mouth

Rooselet in one of his quote said that great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; while small minds discuss people.


so common and something’s so difficult that we don’t get to feel like discussing something about someone with someone else. Sorry to say but the major topic about female gossips in either private or group is someone or group of persons they talk about their successes and failure, strength and weaknesses.

This issue is a common problem that has been yalk d about, preached against, warned by leaders for all to stay away from but it is like an everlasting stain that can never be done away with because even those who talks against it still practice same at some point, most interestingly something’s unknown to them.

It’s like inbuilt into everyone is the urge to talk about someone else especially those you have wrong feelings or bad impression about their person or see as a competitor. It is like it’s built in our human system to leave by talking about ourselves and what we do.

It takes discipline and conscious determination to beat such habit. Yes it’s a habit and it can be beaten down or be replaced with other better habits.

Let’s talk about business ideas, let’s discuss and try our brains to find solutions to problems, let us stretch our mind with new idea by discussing our individual knowledge on what we’ve studied so far, not just to talk about people and events alone.

We can make our world a better place just by doing the right thing, even when we want to talk about others let us do it in the point of making them better by discussing what we can only share in their presence even in their absence.

Don’t just talk about her big mouth but also that big idea and be the great mind that you can be and not just the average or small mind. Change the state of the world by changing the state of your mind.

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