Sho Madjozi Responds To Criticism That She Lacks Rapping Skills

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Sho Madjozi has been unlucky enough to have certain people criticize her rapping skills, others even went as far as saying she was undeserving of the Awards she received this year.

Other people have complained that she mustn’t be classified as a hip hop star because her songs comprises more of a gqom element. Speaking to Slikour and Ayanda MVP on a recent interview she said that she doesn’t make a big deal on what people say about her rap game.

“I don’t understand why we always feel the need to classify people within genres and stuff. For me, it’s not really a big deal at all how people want to categorise me, but I always find it interesting. The first song I ever recorded is hip hop. I look at my debut album and four songs in there can be classified as gqom, and I have purely hip hop songs.”

In addition she said rapping washy her initial interest, she just wanted to write but later felt she could deliver a few raps by herself.

“I wanted to write, my main passion is writing, I studied writing and I’ve been writing since I was very young. I decided that I was interested in rap and writing rap. I kind of looked around and saw what people were doing and I thought, well I can rap better than that, or at least as good as anyone that’s out there,” she explained.


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