Sir Trill’s manager defends him following viral video

Sir Trill’s manager has finally reacted to the viral video of the singer flexing with some young girl.

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This is coming after the hitmaker is called a pedophile because a young girl was seen with him in a photo, and people rumored the girl to be below 18 years of age.

Sir Trill is accused of taking advantage of young girls.

His manager, Given Maseko, set the record straight on the video and said they were shooting a music video.

The clip shows Sir Trill sitting on top of the bed, busy on his cellphone, while the girls converse on the side.

The video led many to make assumptions that Sir Trill was probably vibing with the girls, but his manager has poured cold water to these claims.

Some slammed the heartthrob for chilling with the girls and even accused him of being a predator.

Some Twitter users defended him and said no one forced them to be there.

According to his manager, they were working on Vukani Khoza’s Raythu Raythu music video, when one of the girls got star struck and took the video.

“We were filming a music video and one of the girls got excited to see Sir Trill and recorded the video.  She posted it on her WhatsApp status and I guess it was taken from her status and posted on Twitter and Facebook,” he said.

We did not even bother to comment or try to correct anything because we knew there was nothing behind the video,” he commented.

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