Vusi Nova and Lasizwe’s photo has Mzansi talking

Vusi Nova shakes internet users, including social media users after sharing a cute photo of himself cuddling Lasizwe.

The photo seem to be taken at an event, and he didn’t hesitate to share the snap on Instagram.

Lots of questions sprung in the hearts of followers.

Some reacted because the relationship between the YouTuber and Vusi’s bestfriend, Somizi isn’t cool.

A few others were confused on why he chose to share the snap, out of all snaps he probably took, why Lasizwe and not someone else’?

Well, it’s worthy to note that Vusi flaunted his girlfriend on social media months ago.

However, some followers concluded that the two men will be a perfect couple.

Reactions be like:

Friendship yemali. inobungozi… What’s this new thing kwiminyaka engaka Sana.

I hope you fix his relationship with Somizi.

I am sure Lasizwe is over the moon cause uyakuthanda shame ubhutiza, Love you both, You give my soul different vibes.


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