Why peeing in the shower is bad for you, according to a doctor

Why peeing in the shower is bad for you, according to a doctor

Peeing in places that aren’t a restroom or urinal is a more common practice than one would ever suppose and among the places people love to do “ number bone
” is the shower. still, peeing in the shower isn’t as inoffensive as you may suppose. And some TikTok- smart croakers
have created a number of viral short vids explaining why.

TikTok stoner,@scrambledjam( Dr Alicia Jeffrey- Thomas) replied to a question by another stoner about the cerebral and physical enterprises of “ going number one ” in the shower. According to Dr Jeffrey- Thomas, doing effects like peeing in the shower and running water while peeing causes your brain to associate the two acts over time. This may ultimately affect in you feeling the need to urinate every time you hear water or start a shower.

It may also lead to what the pelvic- bottom physiotherapist calls pelvic bottom dysfunction, which could lead to some bladder leak issues when you hear running water. Jeffrey- Thomas further explained that people born with uteruses are meant to pee while sitting down.

This is because their pelvic bottoms don’t completely relax the way they ’re supposed to when they’re peeing in the shower as they frequently do so while standing.

“ So try to pee before you indeed turn on the shower and if you feel the appetite to pee while in the shower, try to ignore it, ” she concluded. According to a report, there have been some people championing for the supposed health benefits associated with peeing in the shower. Some people indeed go as far as consuming their own urine or applying it to their skin like a color, grounded on a belief in the benefits of urea and they’ve dubbed the practice “ urine remedy ”.

There has been no conclusive scientific substantiation to prove the benefits of such a practice and medical professionals advise against peeing in the shower and consuming urine, or applying it to the skin.

Why peeing in the shower is bad for you, according to a doctor

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